Where to Buy

LN-logo-vertical-smallWe only recommend professional installation for the IMS Retrofit™ procedure. Just ask for the LN Engineering IMS Retrofit™ by name at your local independent repair shop or Porsche dealership at your next service.

All IMS Retrofit and IMS Solution products are available through authorized re-sellers or through can be purchased direct from the LN Engineering online store.

No Returns or Exchanges permitted. The Classic Dual Row & Single Row Pro IMS retrofit kits come with a 2 year/24,000 mile Limited Warranty with Professional installation only when carried out in accordance to the directives of the IMS retrofit procedure & code of conduct. The Classic Single Row IMS retrofit comes with a 30 Day LN IMS RETROFIT LIMITED WARRANTY with same terms & conditions stated above.

LN Engineering does not recommend the IMS Retrofit as a do-it-yourself project. Installation is best left to a trained independent mechanic or local Porsche dealership. IMS Retrofit kits come with detailed instructions, however, no support is included. Flat 6 Innovations offers paid technical assistance.

IMS Retrofit products are sold for professional installation is by SSF, Worldpac, and IMC for distribution in North America and at retail wherever LN Engineering products are sold.

For European customers, Fast Forward Automotive KG can be contacted by calling +49 2171 3416980 or by visiting www.fastforward-automotive.com.

For customers in the United Kingdom, Euro Car Parts can be contacted by calling +44 (0) 203 474 0500 or by visiting www.eurocarparts.com.

For Australia and New Zealand, BWA Auto can be contacted by calling 1300 BWAAUTO or by visiting www.bwaauto.com.au.