Bentley Publishers has produced an excellent video on the IMS Retrofit procedure using the LN Engineering IMS Retrofit kit and IMS Pro Tool Kit based off the procedure developed by Flat 6 Innovations and LN Engineering LLC.

The procedure outlined by the Bentley video allows for extraction of the original factory sealed ball-bearing in model year 1997 through 2005 vehicles and replacement using LN Engineering’s ceramic hybrid ball-bearing which is exposed to engine oil for lubrication. In addition to reduced lubrication requirements, the ceramic hybrid bearing has a longer service life than conventional steel ball-bearings up to five times longer. In poor lubrication environments, ceramic hybrid bearings can last up to 15 times longer. The silicon nitride balls used are nearly impervious to wear, have lower friction, offer better corrosion resistance, and reduce the centrifugal forces on the races.

In addition to improved custom made ball-bearings manufactured from components sourced from Japan, Europe, and the United States (not from China), all IMS Retrofit Kits features a stronger bearing support center bolt (left) and bearing support flange (see below).

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