Bought a car with our product ?

Get info about your installed IMS Retrofit ™ or IMS Solution bearing upgrade kit.

Buying a car?

Check if the car you’re about to purchase has our product installed.

Selling a car?

An IMS upgrade documented in our database makes for a great selling point. Make sure your IMS upgrade kit is properly registered after installation.

How do I find my IMS Retrofit™ serial number?

Look for an IMS / LN Engineering tag on your car. Common locations are:

  • door (by the VIN sticker)
  • door jamb
  • engine compartment (near oil change stickers)
  • engine lid (911®)
  • rear trunk lid (Boxster®)
  • next to the emissions label
  • near build code options sticker

Search LN Engineering IMS Registration Database*

The database is provided as-is and contains all production log records and customer registration records that were submitted to us. Listings in the database do not confirm warranty status.

IMSS all numbers, 
IMSR 10001 and up

Enter digits only, (e.g. 12345) into the search field below.

Look up the VIN

Enter the last six digits of VIN into the search field below.


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What if my search results look inaccurate?

Duplicate last six numbers of the VIN are not uncommon from year to year and/or between models, so it is required to match up the year and approximate mileage to make sure any provided database results match your car.

If the year and mileage of a vehicle with the same last six of the VIN do not match the search results, and there’s no IMS serial number tag on the vehicle or documentation to support the bearing has been replaced, it likely has not been changed.

If two or more cars bearing the same last 6 digits of VIN were registered, they will both show in the search results.

If duplicate entries are found with the same year, contact LN Engineering by creating a support ticket at We will attempt to pull the original registration to see if the full vin or any other information was provided at time of registration, however in most cases, if a vehicle does not have an IMS Retrofit or IMS Solution serial number affixed or there is no documentation of an install, the IMS bearing is likely to be original and still needs to be replaced.

What if my IMS Retrofit™ Serial Number is not found in the database?

Search the early production IMS Retrofit database:

IMSR numbers only, up to 9999

Enter digits only (e.g. 1234) into the search field below.

Refer to the table below to approximate (+/- 6 months) the installation date of a kit that wasn’t registered with us.
The majority of our kits get installed up to 6 months after the production date. 

Serial Number Production Date
100 April 2008
400 April 2009
1000 April 2010
2000 April 2011
5000 April 2012
9000 April 2013
12000 April 2014
17000 April 2015
22000 April 2016
25500 April 2017
28200 April 2018
31000 April 2019
33500 April 2020
35500 April 2021
38100 April 2022


A considerable number of customers and shops fail to register their installation properly with us, therefore we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completness of the database provided here. The database is provided as-is contains all warranty registration records that were submitted to us.

New registrations can take up to 90 days to be processed and for the online database to be updated to reflect most recent submissions. Incomplete registrations will not be processed subject to notification of the customer and compliance with installation and registration requirements.

Service Intervals – Quick Guide.

IMS Retrofit™ Classic

4 years or 50,000 miles

IMS Retrofit™ Dual Row

6 years or 75,000 miles

IMS Retrofit™ Single Row Pro

6 years or 75,000 miles

IMS Retrofit™ MY06-08

6 years or 75,000 miles

RND RS Roller IMS Retrofit

6 years or 75,000 miles

IMS Solution

Designed for life of the engine