Is it Genuine?

Here are some of the ways you can distinguish if you have a genuine LN Engineering Retrofit Kit.
IMS Retrofit Genuine Bearing MarkingDSC01832

All LN Engineering bearings are manufactured exclusively for us and are not sold under any other brand or used by any other supplier. LN Engineering, as well as the part number and the build date for the bearing.  Additionally, the center shoulder bolt & flange are marked with date codes, allowing us to identify when each component was manufactured.

IMS Retrofit Asset Tag

All LN Engineering Retrofit kits come with an asset tag along with removable serial number tags to be used when registering your bearing as well as for your records. LN Engineering does not offer replacement tags for any reason whatsoever, so you can be assured the only way you can get a tag is with a bearing purchase.


IMS Retrofit Flange Marking


The IMS flange provided with the LN Engineering IMS Retrofit kit also has a date stamp for tracking purposes.

IMS Retrofit Box Marking


All boxes will have matching date stamps on the outside which will match the date stamp marked on the flange and center shoulder bolt.



When inspecting your kit, ensure it has not been opened or contaminated.  Although we have taken great steps to prevent IMS Retrofit kits from being returned and resold, if you feel that your kit has been previously opened or even possibly installed, contact your point of purchase immediately and ask for a replacement & also notify LN Engineering of the incident.

All LN Engineering IMS Retrofit kits use bearings that are assembled to our specifications exclusively for us in the United States using the highest quality components sourced from Japan and the United States. Beware of inferior “ceramic” bearings!