Installation of the dual row bearing used in the Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit is carried out with our newly developed, patent pending method, allowing for positive retention of the new bearing with an internal wire-lock, like used on the factory dual row bearing. The installation of a dual row bearing in the place of a single row would not be possible without the specialized tooling and processes invented by Jake Raby, and is required to install the new Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit.

However, the Faultless IMS Tool isn’t just for the Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit. We’ve designed it to work with any IMS Retrofit or IMS Solution. The idea behind the Faultless IMS Tool was born out of the need to install IMS bearings without the need to hold the IMS bearing or hammer on the new bearing, which can result in mis-alignment issues, such as brinelling and a host of other problems that result in failed replacement bearings.

After extensive research, we’ve determined that the majority of failed IMS Retrofit procedures are as a result of contamination or improper installation, which statistically are the main causes of ball-bearing failures.

The Faultless IMS Tool allows the user to carefully press the new IMS bearing into the intermediate shaft housing with greater precision and without hammering or striking the bearing and ensuring proper alignment of the new IMS bearing. The Faultless IMS installation tool is adjustable for compatibility with both single and dual row IMS assemblies and is filled with features that simplify both extraction and installation procedures alike. Required for installation of the Generation 2 IMS Retrofit, this tool is a welcome addition to the toolbox of any IMS Retrofit installer.

Please note that the IMS Pro Tool Kit 106-08.13 is required to carry out all IMS Retrofit and IMS Solution installations; the 106-08.21 Supplemental IMS Tool Kit is only required for IMS Solution installations and for 06-08 installations (which require complete engine disassembly to allow for replacement of the larger non-serviceable IMS bearing used in 2006 through 2008 Porsche Boxster, Cayman, and 911 models).