Single Row Pro Installation

Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit Instructions

Installation Notes:


1. The instructions refer to a spacer bonded to the provided thrust bearing. The spacer is part of the IMS Supplemental Toolkit and must be placed in the hole prior to insertion of the thrust bearing (shown at the right), preventing contact between the center stud and the threaded rod that will be pushing on the thrust bearing during installation of the new Single Row Pro IMS bearing. This is to prevent the bearing and driver from rotating. You may choose to permanently bond this spacer onto the thrust bearing. This step is recommended and was accidentally omitted from the printed instructions and those posted online. The spacer for use with the Single Row Pro IMS bearing measures .625” o.d., .400” i.d., and .100” thick.

2. Loctite (bearing mount) can be applied to the housing bore, but not directly to the o.d. of the bearing, as a secondary method of retention for the new bearing.

3. The supplied wire lock is for single use only and will not properly retain the bearing if re-used.

4. If a dual row IMS Retrofit flange is accidently fitted to a single row pro IMS bearing, upon torquing of the center nut, you will actually extract the bearing you just fitted due to depth differences in the flange. The proper IMS Single Row Pro flange has a snout length of approximately .492″ as shown below.

Single Row Pro Flange (Large)