The IMS Retrofit™ MY06-08 REQUIRES ENGINE DIS-ASSEMBLY to allow for installation.

With model year 2006 through 2008, the intermediate shaft was redesigned, preventing replacement of the bearing without complete dis-assembly of the engine.

For those with MY06-08 intermediate shafts that cannot have their bearings replaced, we recommend to remove the grease seal from the existing ball bearing, which allows for engine oil to lubricate the bearing, but only when doing another procedure like a clutch, flywheel, or rear main seal replacement.

However, this bearing can still be problematic and should be upgraded anytime the engine is apart or if replacing the intermediate shaft with a new replacement shaft. That said, we are advising our customers that proactive disassembly of their engines is not required nor recommended unless carried out at the time of rebuild.

Introduced in 2016, the IMS Retrofit™ MY06-08 makes IMS bearing serviceable without engine disassembly in the future and replaces the origina, single row bearing with ceramic hybrid, dual row unit.

Installation Requires the IMS Supplemental Toolkit which provides 6 additional tools to aide in installation of the MY06-08 IMS Upgrade as well as the IMS Solution (sold by IMS Solution LLC).

Contains: Puller, hex adapter, driver, spanner, oil plug installer, narrow 12 point socket.